What We Do

We let entrepreneurs do what they do best, while we take care of the rest.

SOAR removes headaches from entrepreneurs by GETTING THINGS DONE. RIGHT. THE FIRST TIME.

Or, we help your team achieve quantum leaps in productivity and quality! Our training and consulting services can bring Agile principles and techniques to life in your workplace.

We provide the following services:

  • Strategic Consulting/Fractional C-Suite Services: We take the 40,000-ft view of your business, evaluating feedback loops from: your clients, customer service, your market, as well as your own personal objectives, to ensure that your operations and projects are moving towards your most desired and profitable goals.
  • Improve your business’ efficiency and ROI of operations through System-Development. We are experts at identifying bottlenecks and devising efficient systems to resolve them, which allows you to:
    • Eliminate lost leads due to poor procedures. Instead, keep the value of the customers and clients you’ve spent so much time and money to acquire.
    • Focus first on maximizing the value of your existing customers and clients with cleaner and more efficient systems, instead of wasting time and money acquiring new leads that get lost due to "leaky" systems.
    • Improve the ROI of your business operations. Before spending another dollar to hire someone new, make sure you’re getting maximum value out of the resources you currently have in place.
    • Position your company for GROWTH! The #1 bottleneck that keeps businesses from growing is not “lead generation.” It’s the ability to adequately fulfill customer/client needs! (We tell ourselves it’s “lead generation” because we don’t want to acknowledge how much money we wash away due to poor systems.) If you know you are losing time, money, clients, and opportunities because you’ve not had time to develop systems for your business, we can help. Then, we’ll take the lead on training your staff. Or, we’ll do the work for you…
  • We can run your business for you! (Or, portions of your business.) We provide managed services to handle all operations and project-management functions that you don’t want to do to, such as: customer service, marketing & lead-flow management, R&D, web maintenance, bookkeeping, etc.

    We can be your “central hub” of operations. Do you outsource several functions of the business, yet still become a bottleneck when managing all these outsourced functions? We can help. We handle all of those “transitions and invisible steps” required to get your projects and operations to “done.” Or, “Done DONE,” as we say around SOAR.

    Leveraging our agile team-building skills, we ensure that we will get the job done right, the first time, so that you:

    • Can invest your own time and productivity into the high-growth/high-margin activities that ONLY you can do.
    • Increase your energy, motivation, and confidence knowing that your business is in capable and trustworthy hands.
    • Avoid wasting money on “$20-30/hour” employees that:
      • You have to train. Average training time is 40 hours of YOUR time, plus 40 hours you are paying them to be trained. Plus, the additional 1-2 years before they are “fully productive.” At which point, they will want a raise … if they haven’t left for another opportunity.
      • Are not as effective as you had hoped. Sorry to say, but this one is because you haven’t had time to properly train them. And, you know you aren’t very patient about explaining everything as clearly as it needs to be. (Take heart, though… this is the story of every entrepreneur!)
      • Cost you 5X their wages when they don’t work out. Yes, the cost of: searching, hiring, training, trying to make it work… and discovering it’s not going to pan out… costs a minimum of 5X their first three months’ wage (even if they didn’t last that long). A long-term employee that was once productive but is now upset –about life or mad at you-- costs 5X their annual salary.
      • Only actually work 2.33 hours out of what you thought was an 8-hour workday. Yes, that’s right, only 30% of the average employee’s time is actually spent on work. The additional 70% of their time in spent on personal stuff, social media, water-cooler discussions…
      • Leave you liable when they’ve missed deadlines, performed poorly, or have to redo work.
      • Rob you of your mental sanity, creating mass frustration, and costly loss of your own personal productivity when you can’t relax and trust that things will actually be done… correctly… and on time.
  • Do you have a team of 3 or more people? Get a minimum of 5X improvement on your team’s productivity with Agile training. Agile-management revolutionized the software industry and is slowly revolutionizing companies such as Spotify, Ericsson, and Microsoft. (Which is long overdue!) The increased productivity and quality benefits of Agile management can be accessed by entrepreneurs at all stages, as well. Results of agile implementation include:
    • Radical gains to team productivity. By implementing more “human-friendly” ways to get work done, productivity immediately skyrockets. Through this benefit alone, you will get your ROI on your investment in agile training. But, there’s many more tangible and “intangible” benefits that will contribute to a better bottom-line AND quality-of-life for your entire team, such as…
    • Massive improvement in quality outcomes. When your workplace is better aligned to the way humans naturally work, you will automatically get better outcomes. It will feel effortless.
    • Transparency for all parts of the business, by all participants in the business. Bottlenecks in productivity and communication most often come from the “hidden” elements in workflows that we’ve never even recognized were a “thing.” Agile makes the invisible, visible.
    • Greater satisfaction from clients and customers. The agile mindset is centered around delivering value to your clients and customers. All those productivity and quality gains are inspired by the goal of delivering greater value to the people who make your work viable.
    • Happier, more engaged employees, who feel a sense of pride in their work and feel like “their work matters.”

Now that you know what we do, find out why our approach is so effective, at Why This Works.