How We Work & Pricing

How We Work

Before engaging a client directly into a contract, we take time to be sure that a partnership has strong potential to be win-win for both sides. Our engagement process is very proactive, which we intend to be as important for you, as it is for us. The Steps of Engagement are outlined just below the following section on “Pricing.”


Every company has vastly different needs, so the pricing information posted below is designed only to provide a ballpark indication if we are the kind of company you can work with, based on your budget needs.

We don’t want to waste your time or ours. We know that providing some information about our pricing parameters upfront can take a lot of the guesswork out of your decision. However, all packages are customized; we will work with you to determine an execution plan –and pricing plan—that best matches your needs and your budget.

The value we deliver to you must exceed the fees you pay!

Steps of Engagement

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Once you’ve had an opportunity to learn about us through this site, we welcome you to call with questions or to schedule an initial consultation. This is a warm-up, “get to know one another” call. Very informal. From here, you can decide if you would like to engage in the next step…

INVESTMENT: $0, up to 15 minutes of your time

Step 2: Application

The application process allows us to best evaluate if we can help you. (If we don’t feel we are the best option for you, we can often refer you to someone in our vast network who can.) Everyone on our team has a deep desire to deliver value to our clients and be as effective in their work as possible. That starts with ensuring we are properly equipped to help you.

The application can be submitted in writing. However, since you are probably short on time, you can schedule a call to go through the application questions over the phone with one our team members. (The application can be conducted during the Initial Consultation, if you like. That’s entirely up to your comfort level.) One of our team members will review your application and follow up with you shortly. More details are provided on the Apply Now page.

INVESTMENT: $0, up to 60 minutes of your time

Step 3: Discovery Assessment & Blueprint Report*

If we feel we can properly assist you, we’ll start with a Discovery Assessment that will allow us to evaluate all aspects of your business that will impact your desired outcomes. This assessment will culminate in a Blueprint Report, outlining how to achieve your desired objectives.

This report will provide valuable information to you, even if you choose not to engage with us further. It will provide a clear and prioritized action plan for improving your ROI, beginning with the options that will yield the greatest return in the shortest amount of time.

INVESTMENT: Starts at $2K. Average full-business evaluation is $10-20K, payable in installments.

*Individual projects with clearly identified objectives and outcomes may not need a Discovery Assessment.

Step 4: Engaging the Action Plan

In most cases the Blueprint Report will provide 2-3 different recommendations on how we can help you meet your objectives. (If we determine we can’t help you, we’ll be honest and will often refer you to someone who can. In that case, you’ll have our Blueprint Report to help you get started with someone else more expediently. However, due to our Application process, it’s rare we’ll get this far and determine we can’t help you.)

If we can help you, it would be in one of the following forms:

  • Consulting or training with you and/or your team.
  • Conducting a project to meet a specific objective, or a series of projects to meet several objectives.
  • Establishing a monthly retainer for us to assume operations of some/all parts of your business. This retainer can include ongoing project work, if desired.

Often, clients know from the beginning which of these options they prefer. But, to avoid surprises for either of us, the specific details will be determined at the conclusion of the Discovery Assessment.


  • One-time consulting/training and projects are quoted, individually, according to their scope.
  • Monthly retainers are subject to a minimum of $2000/month. This is the minimum threshold that ensures we have enough time to provide you with tangible value each month.

Feedback Loops

Once you’ve engaged our services, it is critical for both of us to track the status and effectiveness of our work. At minimum, you’ll receive monthly reports with updates, key metrics, and if applicable, a synopsis of customer service issues. Also, at any time, you will be able to view our progress on your projects, online. (“Transparency” is key to our internal efficiency and your ongoing reassurance.)  One of the first things we do for most clients is create a dashboard reporting key metrics at regular intervals.

Can We Help You?

If you’ve already confirmed the question, Is SOAR for Me? and you’d like to move forward, Contact Us for an initial consultation, or jump right in and Apply Now! We look forward to learning more about you and your business.