Contract 2 Close: Transaction Coordination

It takes an average of 20 hours of processing time to close every real estate transaction.

That’s valuable time you could be using to…

  • Meet more clients.
  • Close more deals.
  • Make more money.
  • Or, take a break and capture some R&R… After all, you’ve earned it!

You chose the real estate business for a lot of different reasons… unlimited opportunity, excitement of new deals, ability to support your clients through the most valuable financial transactions of their lives…

You Did NOT Choose “Real Estate” to Babysit Paperwork!

The good news is… we love to handle paperwork! Well, we don’t exactly love paperwork, but we do love managing details.

Our primary specialty is in creating error-free systems…

  • Systems for managing business operations, and
  • Systems for optimizing our work environment so that all our team-members are naturally motivated to deliver high-quality, detailed service.

In fact, it was our attention to detail that led us to provide C2C services; When Brian & Susan sold their house, their realtor was so impressed with their organization and detail-oriented preparation, she asked (nearly begged) that we add C2C to our suite of services!

What We Do

We manage the following details of the transaction process:

  • Review contracts
  • Create a detailed closing plan
  • Manage all documents, securely
  • Deliver contracts/documents electronically
  • Schedule required inspections
  • Coordinate insurance arrangements
  • Coordinate: HOA, title, home-warranty, mortgage, and insurance companies
  • Provide status updates at regular intervals, and as new information becomes available
  • Monitor key-dates and keep you notified of required actions
  • Prepare addenda, as instructed
  • Live in the details to make you look good

Agent Responsibilities

  • Introduce parties
  • Deliver earnest money deposit
  • Provide fully executed contract & Addenda
  • Provide direction for Addenda
  • Attend Inspections
  • Meet Appraiser
  • Attend Walkthrough
  • Attend Closing
  • Answer Buyer & Seller Questions as needed
  • Collect Commission

How We Work

Once you have a signed purchase agreement, it’s time for us to get started! We’ll begin collecting all required information and prepare your detailed closing plan.

The key to a successful and efficient Close is to collect as much information, as early in the process as possible. We use the Trans-Trac System for closely –and efficiently– tracking and monitoring every detail of your transaction.

You will receive updates from us anytime we have a new development, with a minimum update weekly.


If you have a problem, we will do what we can to fix it immediately. If you are still not 100% satisfied, we will provide you with a full, money-back refund.

One Side

Both Sides


*First Contract, Intro Rate: $100
Get to know us and let us get to know you for a low introductory rate of $100.



Both sides.

50% payable upon commencement, 50% payable upon closing.

Get Started

To get started, click here. We’re eager to help you get out from under all the paperwork so you can focus on more important aspects of your business!